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By Oscar

For many years, more than six million Americans have been practicing yoga of one kind or another. Yoga originated in India approximately 5000 years ago, yet it has only been practiced in the United States and Europe for about 100 years. The consensus holds that yoga has brought only positive results into the lives of the people who practice it.

Why practice yoga?

Yoga is meditation. In today’s very fast-paced work environment, it is often difficult for one to take a breather from the day’s stress. By engaging in the regular practice of yoga, one is allowed to relax, meditate, and re-gather while also doing something healthy for the body and mind. This healthy result leads to a more cognizant spirit and healthier relationships.

Yoga is stress relief. Because yoga incorporates posture, breathing exercises and meditation, it has the ability to lower tension and anxiety. Good posture, concentrated deep breathing, and meditation all help to battle physical problems such as hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, and respiratory illnesses. Yoga stretches function to alleviate lower back pain, chronic headaches, and muscle soreness that often arrive with an office job.

Yoga is energy and concentration. Yoga aims to build and relax the body and mind. Only in a relaxed state can one tap into a greater source of energy. When we are troubled with worries, muscle tension, and weakness, it is difficult to concentrate and see things clearly. Our work product lacks clarity and our energy is tied up with worry and pain.

Yoga serves as a mood stabilizer. Yoga instructors often choose positions that will massage glands that are responsible for the production of hormones. Hormones tend to become unbalanced when we are stressed. Therefore, yoga promotes the riddance of stress and a more stabilized hormonal system.

Yoga is a problem solver and relationship enhancer. Because the practice of yoga forces one to slow down, stretch, to think about things, and to release built up emotion that sometimes hides in your muscles, it will also bring about an attitude that includes patience, forgiveness, and letting go. After taking a yoga class, one often feels much more at peace with the world and better equipped to deal with the difficulties inherent in relationships and every day life.

Yoga is awareness. Because of the concentrated breathing and body awareness necessary for the proper practice of yoga, yoga makes a person more sensitive to body rhythms, smell, touch, hearing, sight, and smell.

Yoga is an excellent foundation for bringing about success in any other discipline too. Whether we play soccer, lift weights, play a wind instrument, or go to law school, we all can benefit from better concentration, flexibility, precision, and relaxation.

By being more flexible and having better posture, one can more easily access the oxygen we find deep in our lower bellies. For a woodwind musician, yoga helps to access every bit of oxygen in the lower belly.

For an athlete, flexibility is key to avoiding injury. For a student, mental balance, discipline, and a fit body definitely make learning much easier and enjoyable.

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