The Athlete in You

By Oscar

To reach your boldest fitness goals you don’t need ab-blasters, potions, pills or lotions. Just ignite the athlete in you . It’s free, it’s permanent and it’ll improve more than just your fitness.

Many of you are saying, “I don’t want to be a world-class athlete. I just want to lose these doughy rolls Super Glued to the sides of my abdomen!”

It’s not about being an “athlete” in the strict sense of the word. Heck, training for a living is for crazy-people. But I believe there is an “athlete” in each of us. It’s part of our genetic makeup — a basic human desire that has been subverted by modern society.

Consider this: We can play our favorite sport passionately for hours without a thought. You’re completely in the moment, you lose all sense of time and you are playing, not “working out.” That’s when the athlete in you is fully alive. The calories burned are a natural consequence of having fun, not the focus of the workout. Now, put me on a treadmill and count my calories for more than 20 minutes and I start weeping.

If you can consistently tap into your innate athletic passions, you will reach levels of fitness you never dreamed possible. But it’s time to give up the rote fitness activity and start really having some fun!

The best athletes in the world all seem to share six basic qualities. Consistently incorporating two or more of these concepts into your routine will create enduring transformations in your workouts and in your life.

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