Lisa’s Journal: Week 11. Part 2

By Oscar

Your food records show low-fat, reasonable food choices. You can save some calories if you do not have the soda. Try adding more fruits and vegetables (five a day). You are probably eating about 1,200 to 1,500 calories — would you agree? I know it is not easy right now to do more counting, but would you consider counting the calories in your snacks? Sometimes you do not note the amount, and I am wondering if you may be eating more snack calories than you are aware of.

Keep up that positive attitude. You will be rewarded!


Armand’s Reply


It appears that you had a decent exercise week, especially with your weight training. You did your complete listing of weight-training exercises — how is your shoulder feeling? I would like to see you change the order that you perform the weight-training exercises. I suggest this in order to give you variety as well as muscle stimulus.

Try the following order:

  • seated row
  • shoulder press
  • leg lift
  • chest press
  • side raise
  • bicep curl
  • tricep
  • low back
  • ab crunch

By performing the exercises in this different order, you will work the muscles a little differently and change the stimulus to certain muscle groups. Hopefully, you will see more results from this. Maintain the same set and repetition scheme. Let me know how you make out.

As in the past, your goal for your cardiovascular workouts should be to get in at least four good sessions a week of at least 30 minutes per session. Continue to mix up your exercise choices as well.

Even though you will be out of town, make sure you get your workouts in — plan ahead and choose the best time to do it.

Every person should learn basic first aid methods. You never realize when you might need them – you and your loved one might be at home, at work, on holiday, at school.

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