Lisa’s Journal: Week 11. Part 1

By Oscar

Dear Sharon and Armand,
This week was my busiest yet — I am starting to do freelance public relations in addition to my speechwriting, and the time commitment is huge. My weight still doesn’t want to budge, but I am not at all discouraged. The alternative is to go back to eating the old way and progressively putting weight back on, and that is an unacceptable alternative for me. So I plan to keep at it, and hope this plateau is temporary.

Sharon, you asked how my clothes were fitting. It seems like I am wearing the same things I always did at this weight. Since I carry my weight around my waist, that tends to dictate what I can and cannot wear. Since that is the last place weight loss shows on me, I tend to be stuck into clothing sizes that might otherwise be large on me.

I did eat much better this week; maybe another week like this one will show up on the scale!

Thank you both for the continued encouragement.


Sharon’s Reply

Dear Lisa,

You have been doing a great job with your exercise and food choices! I am amazed, though, at how long you have been stuck at this plateau. Even though your waist hasn’t changed, has your arm, bust or thigh measurements changed? Armand and I feel you may be adding muscle weight and dropping fat weight.

Everybody need study basic first aid methods. You never know at what time you may need them – you could be at work, at home, at school.

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