Is your Advertising Working?

By Oscar

If you think developing effective advertising is a challenge, perhaps a greater challenge is determining its effect on your sales. You can make it easier by thinking up front what your “success criteria” are. Do you want to build your image over the long term? Do you need to jump start sales during a typically busy season like the fall? Or, would you like to see appreciable sales activity during typically slow times like the summer? Set your criteria up-front.

When you finally make the investment to run your ads, always think before you react. It’s easy to get emotional about your advertising results. Just understand it takes time. Think about your members who are trying to lose weight, and how often they get frustrated with the results of their program. How often do you and your staff have to tell them, “stick with it, it takes time”? This is the attitude you should adopt. You need to jump three hurdles with every prospect before they even visit your club:

Recognition. They must recognize your advertising before they can react to it. This means you should be in front of them, as often as you can, with a message that appeals to them.

Reaction. They must make a conscious decision to evaluate your club and whether its benefits are appealing to them.

Research. This is when they have decided that your club may meet their needs and they research it to find out more information by making a call, or paying a visit. It takes time to jump these three hurdles, so be patient.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best advertising doesn’t work. The reasons may be varied, depending on the ad and its goals. David Olgilvy, founder of Olgilvy and Mather ad agency, is credited with the following statement: “50 percent of all advertising doesn’t work.

Now if only I knew which 50 percent.” The fact is, you won’t hit a home run every time with every campaign. But no pro ball player has ever hit .500 in a season, so that’s not bad, is it?

Remember, be consistent, make a commitment, and always think before you develop your advertising. Soon, you’ll see your advertising become more and more effective, and you’ll know its value when you look at the bottom line.

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