Fitness for the Motivationally Challenged

By Oscar

There are basically three kinds of people when it comes to instituting and maintaining a fitness program: those who always adhere to their program, those who occasionally stick with a program, and those who haven’t worked out since their last high school gym class!
If you are in the first group, congratulations! You have achieved a permanent behavior change that will maintain your health for a lifetime. However, for the rest of us who workout occasionally or not at all, we are going to outline the specific (scientifically proven) methods to change your behavior.

Behavioral science tells us that there are three reasons that you are not consistently adhering to a fitness program:

You lack adequate knowledge about the benefits of a fitness program and/or don’t know how to get started.
You lack the motivation to start and maintain a fitness program.
You lack the physical skills to engage in a fitness program.
Since I have been extolling the benefits of the proper diet and fitness program for some time now, I’m assuming that anyone reading this article is fully informed as to the benefits of exercise. If this is not the case, please read any of my previous articles about exercise on this Web site. This should give you a good “no nonsense” understanding of the benefits of regular exercise.

So, assuming that we have all the knowledge we need to start and maintain a fitness program, this article will focus on your motivation.

We know we should eat healthy and exercise regularly, yet we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to do it. Is this behavior or lack thereof, a handicap?

Should we get a special parking place in front of the health club for the “motivationally challenged”? No, and that last idea sounds good, but no! Although it may feel like a handicap at times, it is simply a behavioral issue.

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