Men’s Skin Care, Demystified, Part 2

By Oscar

“Most men don’t consider cosmetics as part of their routine,” he said.

All three doctors stressed the importance of sunscreen, saying they recommend it for all patients, every day. Some men might enjoy using a two-

in-one moisturizer/sunscreen after shaving.

Williford also offers a quick lesson in applying sunscreen liberally and often.

“Most people don’t do it properly and they aren’t getting the effectiveness they should,” he said.

And the results can be devastating. Daly counsels men to know the signs of possible skin cancer, including melanoma — one of the deadliest

cancers — and check themselves for asymmetrical, growing, mottled or irregularly bordered moles and growths. Early detection of melanoma that

hasn’t achieved more than a millimeter of depth in the skin is key to survival, he said.

“Once it goes below a millimeter, your cure rate plummets,” Daly said.

Perricone favors physical sunscreens that reflect the sun’s rays over chemical varieties that absorb the light. He looks for products with

micronized zinc or titanium oxide, which provide protection with little chance of allergic sensitivity.

He recommends moisturizers with antioxidants and Daly suggests using Retin-A for help with acne and old acne scars.

When it comes to aging and wrinkles, Perricone often suggests a topical treatment of vitamin C or lipoic acid. They can be used in cream form

with no residue, he said. “And it doesn’t smell like perfume,” he said.

The Razor’s Edge
Besides being a chore, daily shaving can cause many men problems. Those taught to pull the skin taut and shave against beard growth are asking
for problems, Williford said.

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Men’s Skin Care, Demystified, Part 1

By Oscar

If you want evidence of a gender gap, look no farther than the medicine chest. While many American women think nothing of plopping down hundreds of dollars a year on cleansers, moisturizers and protective skin creams, dermatologists say their male counterparts head off for the golf course or a marathon lawn-mowing session with not even the lightest sunscreen.

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Ask The Physician

By Oscar

Q. Can hypogonadism become a problem in younger men? What are the symptoms of hypogonadism in men?

A. Hypogonadism in males, a condition with many possible causes, is due to decreased function of the testicles. Male hypogonadism causes impaired sex hormone (androgen) production and sperm development. Its manifestations are determined primarily by the age of onset.

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Allergic to Latex Condoms

By Oscar

Q.I am allergic to the latex in condoms. What do you suggest I use to have safe sex? I need something that will work. I have always been told to use lambskin, but I am scared that it isn’t going to protect me well.

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By Oscar

During intercourse, semen is ejaculated into the vagina, where the sperm can then travel through the cervix and uterus up into the Fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg. In some cases, the egg is already in the tube awaiting fertilization; in others, the sperm (which can live for up to 72 hours) wait in the Fallopian tubes for an egg to be released.

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