Baby Steps To Better Sex. Part 2

By Oscar

To be completely fair, we should not forget that lovemaking doesn’t always have to be in the bed or even the bedroom, for that matter. Keeping safety in mind, consider exploring a variety of locations. The kitchen offers textures and temperatures that can thrill — how about a rolling-pin massage or frosty ice cubes in sneaky places? Flavors from the refrigerator or cabinet can take kissing and licking to a whole new level. How about turning your love into a chocolate sundae?

Speaking of the road, the car is not just the domain of teenagers. Take a trip down memory lane by going out to a favorite secluded parking spot and steaming up the windows a bit. For couples with kids, do they have a tree house? Sneak out there some night with a couple of sleeping bags and play campout in a way that isn’t included in the scout’s handbook.

See, these aren’t giant changes. You don’t have to redecorate the den to look like a castle dungeon. Use a couple scarves for accessory.

How about a little competition? Make a bet. Play a game or sport. The winner gets the sexual favor of his or her choice from the loser. Everybody likes a little friendly competition, and really, who is a loser on a bet like that? The point is, these games are only small ploys to that may activate the lovemaking. Baby steps.

If none of these ideas seem to be just what you are looking for, try a book. There are plenty for sale that offer tons of gentle nudges in the sex department. Some offer his and hers sections of fun activities. Still others turn lovemaking into a game by having you list your ideas and drawing them from a hat during a lovemaking session.

Keep in mind, this is all supposed to be fun. Not a pressure-filled problem session. Don’t try anything that causes more that a mild bit of excited anticipation. If it seems too drastic a change, it isn’t a baby step, tone it down a little. Also keep in mind that not everything is going to work out to be a thrill ride. Some things just won’t be to you or your partner’s personal liking. But that’s part of the beauty of taking little steps into the big wide world of sexual freedom, you can back pedal just as easy and not lose any great amount of ground or take too big of a hit emotionally. Keep toddling along and soon you’ll be right where you want to be — on the path to a happy, healthy sex life.

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