Any Way You Slice Them, Nightshade Allergies Unlikely. Part 3

By Oscar

What about an individual who feels sick after eating a typical serving of a nightshade vegetable? Allergic, right?

Not usually.

Most such adverse reactions are best described as a “food intolerance” or “food idiosyncrasy” — not food allergy, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFICF) in Washington, D.C., which provides a useful definition of these terms on its Web site:

Food intolerance is an adverse reaction to a food substance that involves digestion or metabolism, but does not involve the immune system.
Food idiosyncrasy is an abnormal response to a food or food substance. The reaction can resemble or differ from symptoms of a true food allergy, but it does not involve the immune system.
According to Anne Munoz-Furlong at the national Food Allergy Network (FAN), although it is not impossible to have a true allergic reaction to any food — including nightshade vegetables, only a specially trained physician can determine whether the immune system is involved and correctly diagnosis a nightshade vegetable allergy.
Intolerance, Idiosyncrasy, Allergy … Is It Goodbye to Fries? The experts at ICICF recommend that people who have an adverse reaction to any food consult a board-certified allergist to get an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate food plan. The consensus of all sources is that making independent decisions about what foods to avoid is usually not wise. So-called elimination diets conducted without medical supervision are rarely recommended and have never been scientifically proven to help.

Allergists and dietitians can assist individuals who have food-related health issues meet their dietary needs, usually with little sacrifice to their nutritional status or reduction in the pleasure they derive from eating the foods they love.

On the other hand, FAN notes, if an allergist diagnoses an individual as having a true allergic response to any food — nightshade vegetables included — this food must be completely avoided.

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